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Zudo Bug is a little black Telebug with a bug. Due to a short-circuit he turned evil. He says "Zudo power" and "evil OK" more times than Chip says "I calculate". And he gets upset when he can't cause any evil. I finally have a rook of Zudo images, follow the link on this page. Zudo is the most sadistic bad guy in the history of cartoons.

Arcadia is a juvenile computer criminal with a mad pink mohican and black leather clothing. She has an army of little evil robots which get big when enough power is pumped through them. She is more of a thief than a crazy baddie trying to destroy the world (see Zudo).

Lebab is a massive space station with the ability to beam programs all over the world and translate the language in real-time. How-ever, Zudo turns up in a pod and gets taken in by the people who run the station as a mascot. He takes over and causes all sorts of grief.

Angel Brain is a brilliant computer which has access to all the worlds information. In one episode it abducts scientists in order to gain the knowledge to build a mass destruction robot. A good way of delaying it's plans was to give it illogical data to process.

Scottish bad guys Bullybyte and Edna owned the Angel Brain computer.

There was also a nasty old woman called Magna.

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