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Professor Brainstrain created the Telebugs to help people in trouble. He lives in a house filled with gadgets, part of which is a rocket.

He cannot pronounce the letter 'R'.

Grumble is the professors lazy cat. He spends most of his time being nervous about the professors plans and inventions.

Arch MacStarch is the owner of a Television news channel called MacStarch TV. He is a big, loud Scottish guy. The Telebugs work for him and report to him for work. He always knows about crimes and illegal activity that the Telebugs have to stop.

BootLick is a security guard working for Mr MacStarch. He is fairly militant and salutes a lot shouting "sir... yes sir."

Pee Dee is Bugs pet "planet destroying flying saucer", who he is looking after until she gets back to the games machine she came from. I'm not sure which episodes she appears in but she is in my Telebugs book "Cash Dash".

There was also a green, one-eyed alien called Lifo. I will try and get some images and information on this character soon.

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