This is where the Professor, his cat and the Telebugs live. It sticks out a bit. How did he get the planning permission?

This is the top of the MacStarch TV Building.

Arch MacStarch is not happy about getting his umbrella chewed by Mic.

MacStarch call's BootLick over when the language of his news programme goes weird. The woman on the TV is Freda. She really should be in my Friends section. Expect an update soon.

MacStarch is getting attacked by his translation robot. It's circuits have been overloaded (by Arch) and now it's angry.

These are the people on Lebab. They foolishly take Zudo aboard and think he's sweet. They call him Beepy. Do they deserve to be rescued?

This is the inside of the professors rocket. Which was an attachment on his house. He's flying, Grumble is the Co-pilot, the Telebugs are just hitching a ride and the other two have been rescued from Lebab (just before Zudo shut down life-support.)

Here's Grumble looking well chuffed with him-self. He has just taken control of the rocket because the Professor has been rendered unconscious. He seems to think he will get a medal.

It's all over and they are back at the TV Station. The professor is sad that Lebab had to be destroyed.

Hold on... There are pictures on an arial and a TV set on the walls. Arch MacStarch is weird that way.

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