Here are the Telebugs as they appear at the start of every episode.

Bug and Mic floating about in space. They seem to be having a fun time. That's because Sam has managed to communicate with the worlds computers, which are now zapping Lebab with data.

Bug and his pet video pup Mic. They are both ready to record some action for MacStarch TV.

Bugs camera rises up out of the top of his head when he wants to record something.

Here are some pictures of Bug getting the wrong impression and taking expressions literally.

This is what he imagines when MacStarch states that he is no dummy.

And below is his interpretation of being on the ball.

Here's Mic looking particularly happy.

Mic gets a bit upset when he gets poked too many times with an umbrella.

There is a superb picture of MacStarch with a chewed up umbrella in the friends image gallery.

Here's Mic getting upset because a scanning device has just made him jump.

Chip is making calculations. He does this a lot. In this case he is calculating their chances of stopping Lebab.

This is a picture of Chip installing his tranquilliser program into lebabs controls.

Chip is zapping Lebab. He looks a bit angry, so does Sam. Bug looks worried. Mic smiles.

Sam is in space communicating with the world computers. When she attempts processor to processor links the bow on her head turns into a rotating disc.

And this is Sam attempting to open a link with Lebab. Doing it this way somehow keeps them undetected by Zudo who has been causing trouble inside the space station.

The Telebugs have a sense of humor. Basically, most of the things MacStarch says makes them laugh.

Here are all the Telebugs with hearts on their faces. This image is displayed during the end credits with the "I have a heart" song.

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