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Welcome to my Telebugs web site. Thank-you for visiting. I have recently updated the entire thing (zudo's comment - no I haven't) with more images and details about the cartoon.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me put together the information contained here. (zudo's comment - Big respect to John M Mills of Telemagination for all his help. Sorry the site has been down for so long.)

Below are a list of hyperlinks to the main sections of this site:


The Telebugs

Follow this link to find out what each of the Telebugs were built and programmed for.


Telebug Friends

Here are the other good guys, including the Telebugs maker and his cat.



The guys who are trying to take over or destroy the world.


Story Info

Details about the cartoon and general information about the overall plot.


Latest News

This section is updated every time I get a bit of information concerning the return of The Telebugs (renamed The GiggleBytes.)


The telebugs

Related links, links to my other pages and my friends pages.


About this site

It has taken me about six months to collect everything that I have used in this site.

I hope I have enough stuff here to help bring back those fading memories :)

If you have a link you'd like me to add or you'd like to e-mail me with any questions, or maybe you think I have left something important out then here's my address:



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