This is the Lebab space station under Zudo's control.

Lebab is attempting to zap the Telebugs. What it does not realise is it's beam is getting reflected.

And this is what you get if you take on the Telebugs.

Here's Zudo.

He is evil. He arrives in a pod, goes straight to the control room and goes into the main computer.

His plan to destroy the main computer system is stopped. Lebabs crew have the impressive ability to manually override the system. Zudo gets out and weeps "no evil, no good."

Despite all that, Zudo is kept on Lebab as a mascot. For some reason they don't realise that he is evil.

Don't push that button!

Finally, here's a picture of Arcadia and one of her robots called Munchman. This picture is out of my Telebugs Book.

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