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Here is where I have put all the extra information that I have gathered about The Telebugs. Sources include Usenet, the book Cash Dash and a Telebugs Video.

The Telebugs are little robots with TV heads created by Professor Brainstrain. He created them with the primary mission to help people in trouble.

They saved Arch MacStarch when he was falling out of the top of his TV Station's building. He gave them a job as reporters and helps them locate evil activity.

Bug has a camera on top of his head and his pet video pup Mic is essentially a flying camera. They both record their adventures for MacStarch's news channel.

Chip would always make precise calculations and come up with plans. He is the bossy one.

Sam is useful for communicating with other computers and robots. She also appeared in the weekend kids TV show Number 73 as a big model with a TV display on her head.

The Professor's cat, Grumble, is responsible for the miss-programming of Zudo Bug! Otherwise Zudo would have been good. In some episodes Zudo is fixed and becomes really sweet and nice, but he always ends up evil again thanks to the other bad guys. Boo!


Stories were split into five minute long episodes. Each episode would end with a cliff-hanger, except maybe the final one in the sequence. The song in the end credits had these lyrics:

I... have a heart

Burning deep inside

Together we will make

Our dreams come true

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